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Why Brand Identity Is Important

Apr 23

As an executive you need to consider Company Branding and how it will impact your success. The old adage that you only have one chance to make a first impression, still holds true. If you are running a large corporation, you need to ensure that your logo or company name is prominent at all times. To ensure a consistent brand identity, all employees need to be trained on proper corporate communication and identity branding. You also need to train them on how to look after the image and reputation of your company, and how to identify with the corporate identity (your brand identity).


When it comes to company stationery, your brand strategy can make the difference between success and failure. When designing your company stationery and brand identity you want to be certain everything is going to be matching up. In other words, you want everything to be the same. This not only helps people remember your design when they see it, but it also helps to create consistency in all aspects of your company. You want to create a brand image that everyone is able to identify with.


For example, if you are working with an iconic brand such as the apple logo you need to be certain all of your company signage is going to be exactly the same, and matches as closely as possible to this iconic brand. This includes your color choices, lettering, message, etc. Your apple brand identity needs to be such that every time a customer looks at their computer, or paper, or iPhone they instantly think of an apple, and then that particular company. You should try to ensure that every aspect of your branding is able to match up to that icon.


The same goes for all aspects of your company logo design. You want to make sure your branding is able to match up and match your actual brand identity. By having a logo design that closely resembles your actual brand identity, customers are subconsciously able to connect yourself and your business with this iconic logo design. Therefore, if you want to achieve a successful branding strategy you will need to have an effective logo design.


Another important part of branding is the actual image that is portrayed through the logo design. This image needs to be one that is positive and uplifting, as it will be seen by many. This does not mean that you should choose a simply flashy design. For example, if you own an insurance company, you should never present your image with a picture of a burning building or something similar.


Finally, and maybe most importantly, brand identity and logo design are about being consistent. If you constantly change your logos, your customers will quickly start to question what type of company you are and whether or not you are legitimate. Most businesses find it best to outsource their logo design work to high quality branding services that will help you create a consistent image that will help to increase customer trust and retention. If you own a large scale brand identity, you may want to consider hiring a professional branding agency. These agencies will often have a team of artists and graphic designers on hand to help you create a long-term identity for your brand.