Podcast No. 53: An Anesthesiologist’s Trip to FIRE: Interview with a Doctor on Fire

Joining this episode is the author, founder and CEO of the Physician of Fire blog, Dr. Leif Dahleen. In this episode we will examine what Physician on Fire teaches its readers and what FIRE is.

We will also discuss how and why Dr. Dahleen gave up his career as a successful anesthetist to create the lifestyle he always wanted and the greatest challenges he will face on his FIRE journey.

Now let’s look at what we discussed in this episode:

  • Why Dr. Dahleen followed FIRE and what that lifestyle looked like for him and his family
  • Why he left a successful career as an anesthetist
  • How he prioritizes family, travel and his blog Physician on Fire
  • How his life is now that he and his family are financially independent

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode plays out …

As Dr. Dahleen discovered the FIRE movement and created Physician on Fire

Why Dr. Dahleen gave up his career as a successful anesthetist

Why Dr. Dahleen made such a big change in his lifestyle to travel and create the kind of lifestyle he always wanted

Why Dr. Compared to other media outlets, Dahleen has blogged to share financial advice, resources, and information

What Dr. Dahleen wishes he knew before he reached FIRE

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