Journal Membership 1-29-21

This is Journal Club 01/29/21! I hold one every week JOURNAL CLUB. After filtering through the articles on the web, I present some that have influenced my life this week. Be safe and stay healthy!

  • Can you actually generate passive income? Is it even a real thing or is it all just hype? These are questions that are asked in This recent article by the Prudent Plastic Surgeon. He makes a compelling argument that the popular definition of “passive” is wrong and instead offers a better explanation of what it means.
  • While there are many, many exceptions overall, doctors tend to be poor investors. At least according to the Darwinian doctor – and it’s hard to disagree. In this postalthough it sheds some light on why this may be the case and what can be done about it. There’s a little bit of hard love in there, but there’s also a lot of great insight.
  • Most people view financial independence and early retirement as a luxurious lifestyle that involves spending days on the beach or playing golf. In reality, for many who accomplish this goal and quit their jobs, life is still pretty busy. in the This post from Five-Year Fire EscapeThe author argues that this is because it is not about the money. It’s all about doing what you want.
  • This episode of the Financial Independence Podcast (by Mad Fientist) covers some great concepts of financial independence through an interview with Jacob Lund Fisker. He’s an expert in the field, and when it comes to the future of investing and the FIRE movement, this episode offers some great advice.

That’s it for this week! Hope Journal Club 1/29/21 has been helpful to you.

Finally, a little motivation. Have fun and a nice weekend!

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