Government-sponsored CBILS replacement program delayed due to loan details

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Advances in a government guarantee system to replace CBILS are hampered by price and personal guarantee issues.

According to the Times, tentative details of the system should be finalized by the end of last month to help lenders prepare for a scheduled launch in April. However, these lenders are concerned that due to these complications, they will not be prepared in a timely manner.

It is hoped that the new system can help companies not eligible for regular business loans get back on track after the pandemic.

The system would also help non-bank lenders raise wholesale funds to keep lending to small businesses. The government guarantee provides confidence in recovery in the event a borrower defaults.

However, the Treasury Department is torn between a balance between rules that cater to a wide range of lenders and terms that are attractive to borrowers, with bank and non-bank lenders having different needs in key areas.

CBILS loans over £ 250,000 have been converted into government-backed rather than personal guarantees after an outcry last year. Despite the taxpayer guarantee, alternative financiers are likely to need personal guarantees to meet the needs of their wholesale financiers.

In terms of pricing, non-bank lenders are likely to have to charge more borrowers than larger banks in order for the system to be profitable for them. However, there is sensitivity in allowing interest rates on government-supported loans.

It is likely that the system allows personal guarantees but places restrictions to protect borrowers.

It is also an ongoing problem to determine what security requirements can be placed on borrowers.

Under CBILS, a borrower’s primary property cannot be considered collateral, but second homes may. Credit recovery under a personal guarantee is limited to 20 percent of the outstanding amount after applying the business asset through bankruptcy process.

Some lenders expect the Chancellor to announce the program in the upcoming budget on March 3rd.

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Government-sponsored CBILS replacement program delayed due to loan details

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