# 47: How to Land That 6 Figure Book Deal

Would you like to write a book or sign a book contract?

Our guest this week is Dr. Amy Shah, she is at the Leverage and Growth Summit last year, a MD with double board certification, and the published author of I’m So Effing Tired. A lot has happened in her life since then and we’re going to talk about how she got a 6 digit book deal.

Now let’s look at two things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Leverage and Growth Summit 2021
  • How to Get a 6 Digit Book Deal. What are you looking for?

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode plays out …

I wrote down the journey I had to get out of burnout … I lived it, I made a lot of mistakes and basically I wrote the things that actually work in the book.

You are basically betting that you will sell a certain number of books. And if you don’t, don’t. You don’t have to pay it back. But if you do this and exceed this, you will be able to double or triple your progress next time.

You are looking for people with great references …

Just do it. Have no fear. So do it.

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