# 43: Completely different Sorts of Actual Property Funds feat. Nathan Clayberg

Nathan Clayberg is the Vice President at MLG Capital. As a background, MLG Capital is a private real estate company that has been in the industry for over 30 years. Over all investments made during this period, they have achieved an average of 2.3 times this with an average holding period of around 6.5 years. Fund IV, their current offering, is a $ 200 million fund that aims to diversify across a basket of 25-30 smart real estate businesses and target a net investor return of 12-16%.

Now let’s look at four things that we discussed in this episode:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds
  • What is a value creation strategy?
  • Two investment options for funds
  • What is UBTI?

Here’s a breakdown of how this episode plays out …


What we did is we put a private subsidiary REIT in between the investments and the investors and that REIT actually only flows cash through it but reclassifies the income you make from passive rental income to dividend income.


In the long term, if we can get into a value product at a good price and can just spice it up a little and make it feel like the newer, nicer product, but at a price that is more reasonable for most tenants, we think it’s a really attractive investment a total of

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