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A Countertop Mixer Is Perfect For Mixing Small Amounts Of Dough

Jun 24

When selecting commercial mixing tools, it's important to keep key features in mind. This ensures that the EvenMix New Location you purchase is equipped with the correct attachments and can handle all of your kitchen's mixing tasks. Additionally, ensuring that the mixer you choose fits other attachments like dough rollers or shredders can help you optimize your mixing process for efficiency and output.

Keeping in mind these key factors, the type of mixer you need will depend on what types of products you cook or manufacture at your establishment. For example, if you're looking to purchase a mixer for your bakery or pizzeria, a spiral model is a great choice because it is designed specifically for dough-centric mixing. Additionally, a spiral mixer rotates both the attachment and the bowl for efficient dough-making.

Countertop Mixers

Whether you operate a restaurant, deli, or coffee shop, having the right equipment is essential for your kitchen's mixing needs. Countertop mixers are ideal for light duty mixing tasks and are typically smaller than floor models. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of food you serve, a countertop mixer may be capable of mixing up to 4 lbs. of bread dough; 4.8 lbs. of thick pizza dough; and up to 2 qts. of whipped cream.

While a countertop mixer is perfect for mixing small amounts of dough or batter, it may not be powerful enough to handle larger quantities and higher density. For this reason, commercial mixers in the 10 quart range are ideal for standard-duty mixing tasks for a wide variety of foods and drinks including pasta sauce, salad dressing, cookie dough, and cake batter.

These mid-sized mixers are also the workhorses of many large restaurants and bakeries because they can handle heavy, high-volume mixing tasks without breaking down or losing power. Depending on the mixer, they can easily mix up to 15 lbs. of dense bread dough or 60 qts. of cake batter at one time.

Unlike standard mixers that can be mounted to a wall or placed on a countertop, IBC tote mixers are portable mixers built for use in large industrial storage containers (IBCs) used for liquid distribution and manufacturing. Unlike tote agitators that only attach to the top of the IBC, these electric mixers are powered by a motor attached to the bottom of the container.

IBC tote mixers are available in a variety of styles and sizes depending on your industry and the liquids you mix. For example, water-based coatings with suspended solids and a higher viscosity need more power than lighter formulations to properly mix. In these situations, the IBC tote mixer's mixing impellers fold down so that they can fit through the six-inch opening of the IBC storage container for thorough agitation.

The Even Mix IBC tote mixer is a perfect example of an IBC tote mixing system that provides superior performance and ease-of-use for chemical wholesalers, growers, and ag retailers who need to perform tote mixing. The system uses an advanced agitation design called the Integrated Tote Mixer to convert IBC storage containers into mixing tanks by using multiple mixing impellers that maximize the overall mixing surface area of the container. This helps to prevent the suspension of solids and stratification of emulsion components, and ensures that your product retains its original quality for maximum shelf life.

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