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Cross-Contamination is Another Common Source of Contamination

Feb 23

A contaminant is any unwanted matter that interferes with the purity of a product. It can be physical, chemical or biological in nature. Contamination occurs in manufacturing, storage, transportation and even during the use of a product itself. Contamination free mixing may be dust particles, fiber material, chips from pill press tooling or fungus. In chemistry, it can be anything that degrades or spoils a chemical reaction. It is also used to describe a mixture of materials that is not homogenous.

In the case of manufacturing, contamination often happens during the mixing process. The mixing equipment can become contaminated by chemicals from the product being mixed or by the contaminants themselves. The equipment can also be contaminated by microorganisms that are present in the atmosphere or from other sources such as raw ingredients or leftover food.

This can occur when the same equipment is used to prepare contaminated and uncontaminated foods without properly disinfecting between uses. This type of contamination can cause food-to-food cross-contamination, which is a particular concern for people with food allergies or intolerances.

IBC Tote Mixers for Agriculture

EvenMix IBC tote is a great way to store and transport a variety of agricultural products. With the right agitation system, an IBC tote can be used for a number of different purposes including fertilizer mixing. This type of mixing is important to ensure a uniform mix of fertilizers for optimal plant growth. In addition, the IBC tote can be a good place to store and dispense animal feed.

Other forms of agricultural contamination include soil and groundwater pollution. Soil can be contaminated by organic waste or heavy metals such as lead, copper and zinc. In order to remediate this, a process called in-situ soil mixing (ISESM) can be used. EvenMix involves injecting a solution of ambient air or hydrogen peroxide into the contaminated soil to volatilize volatile organic compounds and metals. EvenMix can also be used to stabilize and immobilize metals in clay-rich soils.


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