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IBC Tote Mixer And IBC Industrial Blender

Dec 16

Ibc anti-contamination mixer is a type of industrial agitator that can be used with intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for mixing liquid formulations, re-suspending settled solids and dissolving powders. The mixers mount to the lid of a plastic transportable container and are powered by a cage motor to stir the product inside the IBC tank. Depending on the application, you can choose from a range of single use or industrial tote mixers.

Tote Mixing

Whether you’re mixing a food, chemical or pharmaceutical product, an IBC tote mixer is a simple and effective way to mix your products in a short amount of time. Using a tote mixer can help you save on shipping and handling costs as they’re often cheaper than drums or other larger containers.

Our sanitary IBC tote mixers are made of stainless steel and can be used with a variety of food or non-food liquid products for quick and efficient mixing. These tote agitators mount into a 2 inch NPT threaded opening in the IBC lid, and they’re suitable for any size of IBC including 275 gallon IBC tanks and 330 gallon IBC tanks.

You can mount our IBC tote agitators with either an air or electric motor. Air driven tote agitators are easy to use and only require a supply of compressed air or gas. The mixers can be positioned and adjusted in the tote to ensure a thorough and consistent mix throughout the entire container. They’re also a great choice for IBCs with a safety valve that can be closed during mixing.

If you’re looking for an industrial tote mixer that can be used with a wide range of liquids, our electric IBC tote mixers are ideal. They can be equipped with a range of different speed options to match your mixing needs and are available in both explosion proof and standard models. You can even upgrade your IBC tote agitator by mounting a high shear cutter or vacuum mixer to expand your blending capabilities.

IBC Industrial Blender

An IBC blender is an excellent option for reducing cleaning time during batch changeovers. Because this blending system is contained within the IBC, you can quickly mix ingredients without having to open up the container for mixing and avoid cross-contamination. With a Matcon IBC tumble blender, you can also add a high shear cutter to your unit to mix more cohesive powders and dissolve agglomerated lumps.