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Occupational Therapy Services

Nov 10

Occupational therapy (OT) helps people with injuries, disabilities or health conditions live independently and enjoy their daily activities. These highly-trained professionals use a holistic approach to care and help patients learn to cope with their conditions in ways that allow them to participate fully in the things they want and need to do. They are often found working in healthcare organisations, social care services, housing, education and voluntary sectors as well as with police forces, fire departments and psychiatric teams.

The first step of OT is to listen. A trained therapist will spend time asking questions about a patient’s home and daily routine, and will review medical records if they are available. The therapist will then discuss how a person’s condition is impacting their life and what their goals are for the future. The therapist will then develop an individualised plan of action, which may involve teaching new skills or adapting the environment to make it easier to carry out everyday tasks. For example, if someone has lost some of their vision, an OT may teach them how to use assistive equipment such as a cane or magnifying device, and help them develop strategies for improving their balance and coordination.

In some cases, an Occupational therapy to improve daily living will also focus on emotional and mental wellbeing. For example, if a patient has depression, an OT will encourage them to find activities that give them pleasure and a sense of purpose, such as cooking or gardening. They will also encourage the patient to leave the house more and speak to friends or family members, or to join a community group.

Elder Home Care

As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement, many are seeking home care options that will allow them to continue to enjoy the independence they have come to expect. The cost of home care is less than the expense of living in a nursing home and can provide a vital service for those who need help to carry out the basic day-to-day tasks.

To get the most out of home care, it is important to find a reputable agency that offers services based on the unique needs of the patient. A good place to start is by asking for referrals from friends, family or healthcare professionals. A local medical practice, or a local chapter of the ALS association, may also be able to offer recommendations.

While OTs are not considered medical doctors, they undergo extensive training and must pass a rigorous national certification exam. They have a deep understanding of biological science, psychology, physiology and anatomy and can apply this knowledge to help people recover from injury or illness. The degree program at Pacific also provides students with the tools and knowledge to become a self-directed professional, who is able to think critically about their own practice and develop innovative solutions to problems that arise. This is what makes them unique and valuable to employers across all industries. OTs are in high demand and this trend is expected to continue as the population continues to age.

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