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A Good Towing Service will Also Offer Reasonable Rates

Oct 31

If your vehicle breaks down, or you get in an accident, having a towing service nearby can make all the difference. It is vital to find a company with experienced and professional drivers who are able to handle your situation in an efficient manner. They will not only transport your car safely, but they will also ensure that it is handled properly and that no additional damage is caused during transit. A good towing service will also offer reasonable rates.

A reputable towing service will be fully licensed and insured. They will offer a variety of services, including wheel lift towing and flatbed towing for cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles. They will also have the ability to transport boats, trailers, and other large vehicles. They can also provide winch outs, wrecker services, and fast accident scene response. Additionally, they will offer flat rate towing for local and long distance transportation.

When choosing a towing company, it is important to ask about their qualifications and reputation. They should be fully licensed and insured, and have a strong record of customer satisfaction. You should also check their credentials, such as whether or not they are licensed by the state of Texas. In addition, you should make sure they have a clean background and are capable of meeting your needs in an emergency.

Some towing companies are specialized in particular kinds of vehicles. For example, if you have a RV or camper trailer, there are special requirements for hauling these types of vehicles. These requirements may include extra permits or insurance coverage. In addition, you should be aware that there may be an additional charge for mileage fees when using a towing service that is not locally based.

If you are a resident of Dallas, you should know that there are some laws relating to towing services. If you violate the law, your car could be towed and stored at the Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF). If this happens, you can call the telephone number posted on the tow-away sign or warning sticker to find out where your vehicle is located. The vehicle must be retrieved by the owner within 24 hours of being towed, or it will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at auction.

The maximum drop fee statewide is $135 for a car weighing 10,000 lbs or less; $190 for a car weighing more than 10,000 but not more than 25,000 lbs; and $244 for a car weighing more than 25,000 lbs. These rates are maximums and lower rates may be set by local municipal or county rule. The VSF must give you a copy of the fee schedule, and inform you of your right to file for a tow hearing. The fee schedule must contain the name, publicly listed phone number, towing company certificate of registration number, and TDLR license number of the towing company, and the fee must be paid before the car is removed from the lot.