1000’s of self-employed moms miss COVID-19 SEISS funds

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Tens of thousands of self-employed mothers who recently had children have lost the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) payments.

Payments are made in installments based on the average profit of a self-employed person between 2016 and 2019.

An estimated 75,000 self-employed women took maternity leave during this period, which means they may not have been paid what they would otherwise have.

On Thursday (January 21), the Pregnant Then Screwed charity will conduct a judicial review for indirect discrimination. You want Chancellor Rishi Sunak to take maternity leave into account when making SEISS payments.

When asked why the payouts for self-employed mothers are lower, the Chancellor said: “For all sorts of reasons, people have ups and downs and income differences, be it due to motherhood, illness or otherwise.” Pregnant Then Screwed wrote a protocol letter to the Chancellor and his legal team, according to the charity, discussing how to correlate maternity leave with a sabbatical.

Joeli Brearley, CEO and Founder of Pregnant Then Screwed said, “The government had nine months to change this system so that women would not be discriminated against. but they decided not to.

“We have received heartbreaking news from so many women. For some, this drop in income has left them and their young family in desperate poverty; while their male colleagues get the full benefit.

“To reject maternity leave as synonymous with sickness or sabbaticals is not only an insult but also sends a very dangerous message about how this government views mothers and the integral role we play in a well-functioning society. This court case is about defending women’s rights and showing the government that they cannot disregard the Equal Opportunities Act. “

A finance ministry spokesman said the SEISS program was “one of the most generous in the world”.

“We understand the challenges facing new parents who are self-employed – and even if a new parent failed to file their 2018-19 tax return, they may still be eligible and apply for a grant based on their self-assessment return from previous years. “

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Thousands of self-employed mothers miss COVID-19 SEISS payments

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